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Visi Track - Visitor Management Software

Every organization has its own set of rules and regulations regarding entry of visitors, service providers for maintenance, temporary workers and other group company employees. Computerization increases efficiency, reduces duplication and also reduces the delays involved due to manual work. A lot of routine paper work can be eliminated and smooth working can be ensured. Thus Visi-Track becomes an integral part of an organization.

Efficiency of any organization mainly depends upon the optimum use of the available resources. Visi-Track deals with effective control, maintenance of records and printing of gate pass for visitors, to prevent the entry of any unauthorized or unwanted person into the premises and keeping a tab on the authorized visitor visiting the area he/she is permitted to move in, meeting the person he/she is allowed to meet and avoid unwarranted movement in the premises.

Visi-Track is a GUI based software that facilitates the admin staff at the security gate to capture the visitors details with photograph, fingerprints, mobile number etc. It can also send notifications based on the captured details to the employee sitting inside the premise(optional). The system will print visitor pass with name of visitor, department and visitee along with validity period. The visitor can display the pass by wearing it on his person.

The flexible architecture of Visi-Track allows various people in the organization to directly access the data they need. Naturally, Visi-Tracks security system permits authorized persons to have access to only the limited data to which they have been given rights.


  • Complete automated system for managing visitors.
  • Professional manner of welcoming visitors.
  • No paper work.
  • Customized Visitor Pass with visitor photo and details.
  • MIS on button click.
  • Audit compliant.
  • Pre-approval process of materials carried by visitor.
  • Pre-Requisition module for employee/officers.
  • Bar code print on passes.
  • Capture fingerprint of visitor’s for IN and OUT entry.
  • Integration with access control.
  • Token number system for collecting luggage’s.
  • Visitor Vehicle parking facility.
  • Online meeting room booking facility for employee’s.
  • Define purpose of visits.
  • Visitor Tracking
  • Contractor management solution
  • User Defined Gate Passes
  • Blacklisting Employees
  • Notification of Visitor’s arrival using Pop up/SMS/Email/Mobile APP
  • Kiosk based solution for visitors.
  • Display current Visitor’s Head count on big screens.


Employee Self-service module

  • Web based online portal for employees to manage their visitors.
  • Online book request for visitor’s.
  • OTP verification for visitor’s.
  • Integration with active directory for single sign on.
  • Report to view number of visitor’s visited during date range.
  • Transfer visitor to other department/employee.
  • Intimate employee on visitor’s arrival thru mobile app notification.
  • Visitor to Allow / reject options for employee.
  • Meeting room booking facility for employees.



  • IN premise visitor report.
  • OUT premise visitor report.
  • Visitor report for date range.
  • Daily visitor/ contract visitor report.
  • Purpose wise report.
  • Visitor company wise report.
  • Employee wise report.
  • Blacklisted visitors report.


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