Payroll Management System

InfowanHR - Payroll HRMS Software has everything you need to manage Payroll and HR including attendance, loan, bonus, gratuity, expense, full & final settlement, and statutory & compliance reports. Delight Your Employees with 24/7 Access to Employee Self Service 


Recruitment Management

This module is the comprehensive tool to automate the entire recruitment processes of an organization. It helps to contour the complete recruitment workflow and effectively manages the ROI on recruitment. The recruitment activity involving posting of requirement, managing resume databank, scheduling interviews, matching profiles, taking feedback, short listing candidates etc. are managed online with the least human effort

Training Management

The module provides the complete training management for any organization such as Induction, technical, HR etc. The training manager can record the feedback of the training as well as monitor the attendance of the training through the module.

Employee Profile

View all personal and job related information in a single tab, and ensure that details like your CTC is accurate and your phone number or email is up to date. View details of all components in your salary, declare nominees for PF & ESI, and access other job related details like reporting manager, bank account number, and increment date.

Leave Management

Plan, apply, and track your leave status online with robust leave management software enabled with workflows. View complete history of your leaves, apply for desired type of leaves, and get regular updates on approval/ rejection of your leaves on your email.

Expense Management

Submit claims for all official expenses like hotel bills, travelling expenses, and mobile bills by scanning and uploading bills online and get claims approved by your managers, no matter whether you are in office or not. View complete history of all expenses claimed by you throughout the year and check approval or rejection status against each of them.

Income Tax Declaration

Figure out investment options that will lead to minimum tax payment and make your income tax declarations accordingly. Scan and upload proofs of your income tax declarations online.

Pay Slips

View, print or email your pay slips from anywhere, anytime and make sure that you get it when you need it. Get freedom from requesting and waiting for your pay slips. Choose from standard pay slips templates or design your own pay slip format.


Infowan Payroll is capable to manage all aspects of Reimbursement & Expanse Claims of Employees.

Loans and Advancess

Stay in complete control of all deductions from your salary against loans or salary advances taken from the company with detailed loan schedule report. View exhaustive loan reports on type of loan taken, total amount paid, total amount remaining, next scheduled date of deduction and plan your expenses accordingly.

Holiday Calendar

View complete list of all company declared holidays applicable to your branch. Choose holidays of your own choice from list of restricted holidays.

Help and Support Desk

Get answers to your queries by submitting support tickets online or call our support team for immediate response. Check the status of all tickets raised by you.
Process Payroll from Anywhere, Anytime with Payroll Admin Self Service

Attendance Management

Auto sync your attendance devices with Infowan Payroll software and never make any manual entry for attendance. Alternatively, import attendance data of thousands of employees within minutes with excel import option.

Statutory & Compliance Reports

Generate all statutory and compliance reports like PF, PT, ESIC, LWF, TDS, Form 16, and others, within click of a button. Reports are generated in formats prescribed by various departments, and can be directly uploaded online in their websites.

Full and Final Settlement

Enter or import resignation details of employees, generate full and final settlement reports within few clicks, and deactivate employee login to employee self-service.

Document Management

Scan, upload, and store all documents of employees like mark sheets, birth certificates, etc. online and access them from wherever you are. Give view, edit, or delete permissions of documents to employees, and ensure that you never lose any document.

Letters & Forms

Design letter templates, drag & drop dynamic fields, and publish offer letters or joining letters instantly with Infowan Payroll software’s letter generation tool.

Increment & Arrears

Increment salaries of your employees with exhaustive salary revision tool. Revise salaries by a specific amount, percentage, or specify a new value. Specify effective date of salary revision along with date of payment to get the revised salary paid out to employees after auto calculation of all arrears and recoveries.

Workflows Based Approval Process

Make it easy for managers to approve leaves or expenses of their subordinates, without being present in office, with multi-level workflows. Managers receive instant email alerts for requests of leaves and expenses by employees and can instantly approve/reject all requests directly from email. Employees get immediate email notifications for approval or rejection of their requests.

Excel Import and Export

Update thousands of records like incentives, leave details, new joiners, etc. within seconds by importing the data in excel sheets and stop wasting your time in making manual entries for each record. Again, export any data that you want in excel, pdf or word format within seconds.

Alerts & Announcements

Set alerts and reminders for important events and activities like deadlines for submissions of timesheets, last date for submission of income tax proofs and keep your employees updated on actions they are supposed to take.

Role Based Security Access

Create multiple roles for different departments and define which user has access to which data based on their roles. e.g. Give view, edit, or delete permission of only HR related information of all employees to your HR manager and restrict the reporting manager’s access to view only leave details of his subordinates.

Stop/Release Payment

Keep salaries of specific employees on hold when you are not sure whether an employee will return back to work or not. Pay salaries on hold, whenever you want, by unlocking stop payment and process salary along with arrears of previous months.

Automatic Upgrades

No longer worry about changes in laws of income tax, PF, PT, LWF and ESI. All changes in laws are automatically updated in Paybooks and you always get accurate statutory and compliance reports based on latest laws.

One Click Payroll Process

Select month and branches for which payroll is to be processed, click on process payroll button, and view payroll outputs of thousands of employees within minutes. It’s that simple!

Salary Templates

Configure even most complex salary structures with ease by creating multiple salary templates for various categories of employees, and mapping employees to their relevant salary templates.


Get all important information in a nutshell with customizable dashboards based on your role. If you are an HR manager, you can view dashboards on headcount number, attrition rate, and gender ratio. Similarly, you can view all dashboards related to salary payments and statutory compliances payment if you are a finance manager.

Mass Mailing to Employees

Communicate urgent notice or send important documents to all employees of your company by in-build bulk email and SMS tool. Alternatively, filter recipients by job type, departments, designations, locations, levels, or cost centers and send mails to only targeted employees.

User Defined Fields

Create any additional field of your choice and store important data of your employees like visa expiry date or aadhar number. You can also track assets given to employees like laptops, data cards, and mobile phones.

Performance Management

The module help in achieving 360o appraisal by taking evaluation from different levels like peers, subordinates, reporting manager and appraisee himself. The process promotes fairness and hence improves productivity of employees.

Asset Management

The module refers to managing and monitoring assets belonging to an organization. It helps the organization in tracking asset availability.

Employee Self Service

The employee self service is an online employee portal which provides access to employs personal information online from a computer at work or at home. The employees can review their name, address, phone numbers, email, and emergency contact information. They also have the option to view their pay slips, tax deduction and leave management etc. The HR department can also publish the messages, newsletter and events for the employees.

Bonus, Exgretia, Gratuity & MIS Reports

InfowanHR is capable to manage all aspects of Bonus, Exgratia & Gratuity based on user defined formulas. If also give various MIS Reports at different level.

User Activities recording System

Software keeps on recording the activities done by each users in the software like record addition, deleltion, modification etc and it can be monitored by authorised person as and when required.

Integration with Tally & Other Software

Software can be integrated for common data inflow and outflow from Tally or any other Software.


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