Contract Labor Management System

Contract Labor Management System

Vertex Contract Labor management system is an enterprise system in managing the Contract laborers time & attendance which helps organizations to avoid proxy attendance, manipulated man-hours, inadequate manpower, and unskilled labor supply.

Contract labour today is employed across several sectors and industries right from government departments to software industries.

The challenges of modern businesses have shaken the tradition of direct employment relationship between the employee and the employer by paving the way for alternative staffing strategies. While some organizations go for outsourcing their work, others look for contract labour as a solution to staffing problems.

The organization which utilizes the manpower is called Principal Employer and the organization which appoints people in its role and deploys them to the workplace of its clients is called Labour Contractor.

The principal employer pays to the contractor the total amount of salary, allowances and benefits payable to the contract workers on a monthly basis and the contractor in turn disburses the salary to contract workers.

It becomes extremely difficult to keep track of this contract labourers attendance manually, several loopholes emerge in the manual system like proxy attendance, manipulated man-hours, inadequate manpower, unskilled labour supply.

The Labour-Track, a contract labour management system (CLMS) is designed keeping in mind all these loopholes and making principal employers life easy and tense free.


  • Complete web based software
  • Automated Data Processing
  • Centralized Data repository with minimal data redundancy
  • Can create unlimited users with restricted user rights
  • Supports Single/Multiple location
  • Manage Multiple Contractor, Sub contractor
  • Contractor Login
    • Fill basic details of labors
    • Upload photographs
  • Contract Labor Admin:
    • Details uploaded by contractor will be verified
    • Multiple shift assignments (Includes Night Shift)
    • Manage Time & Attendance
    • Fingerprint/Card enrollment process of contract employees.
    • Overtime approval process.
  • Standard reports for labor and contractor as per compliance.
  • Labor can be categories into skilled, non-skilled, technical & non-technical, etc.
  • CLMS can be integrated with existing hardware.
  • Punching data can be fetched by means of biometric, barcode, Face ID or RFID.
  • Details like site, blood group, photographs can be incorporated.
  • Multiple groups can be defined for late coming and attendance policies.
  • Such groups can be assigned for individual employee or group of employees.
  • Multiple admin users can be defined.
  • Mail alerts for approval process, attendance notifications can be created.
  • Per employee wage rate can be defined and based on the same contractor wise bill details can be generated.
  • Integration with access control.
  • Online Monthly Gate pass request process with proper authorization hierarchy flow.
    • Contractor will be submitting all document & verify by HR (HR will scan all document & upload document in software)
    • After verification it will go to security team for re verification of document.
    • After security verification it will go to training Dept / Medical Dept for one day training.
    • After completing training / Medical check-up it will go to HR for employee code creation & registration process.
  • Head / Admin can login & see the contractor details which are uploaded in CLMS as and when required.



Master selections are available for each report to filter employees based on selected masters.

  • Daily Attendance report
  • Daily Attendance report contractor wise
  • Shift wise current day report
  • Muster report
  • Headcount report
  • Attendance Report like person working for more than 9 hrs. on regular basis
  • Attendance Report like person working for more than 10 days continuous basis or more than certain hours in a week.
  • Wage eligibility details for all contract employees
  • Leave entitlement/availed/balance for contract employees with contract labor category wise
  • Labor license expiring/expired report.
  • Audit management reports
  • Compliance reports


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