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Our Clients

Web Based Attendance
Management System

TimeTrack-WEB makes maintaining attendance, and leaves data easy, simple, and faster by incorporating dynamic masters based on the company’s organizational structure; defines various groups to give rn late coming, week off, overtime policies, compensatory off policies, paid holidays and so on The software is enabled with various features to cut down on the man hours required for the redundant task of maintaining the attendance and leaves data. From the administration of an organization to the senior management; to the employees, everyone can benefit from this software. With its smartly designed features and flexible uses, TimeTrack-WEB is the best option available in the market which is cost-effective, gives faster ROI, and is easy to implement.

Our Features
  • Complete web-based software
  • Automated Data Processing Centralized Data repository with minimal data redundancy
  • Can create unlimited users with restricted user rights
  • User-defined dynamic Masters depending on the organization structure
  • User-defined Legends for Leaves & Attendance
  • Marking attendance using SMS
  • Online Attendance / Shift / Leave Management System
  • Provision for flexi-shift, auto shift, break shift and shift scheduling.
  • Smart Email notifications for timely time-sheet, Submissions & Approvals
  • Out-of-the-box integration with SAP BaaN.
  • Set rules at the employee or organization level.
  • Integration with Active Directory.
  • Web-based Reports, Alerts, Charts.
Employee Self Service Module (Optional)
  • Individual Login for employees in ESS.
  • View self-attendance and apply for leaves.
  • Online application, Sanctioning of leaves, OD, OT.
  • Headcount report to HOD.
  • Facility for HOD to delegate sanctioning authority.
  • Email alerts: Absent emails to employees, Absent list of employees to HOD Leaves application alert to HOD, reminders
  • Current day
  • Daily attendance
  • Late coming
  • Early going
  • Time card
  • Muster 
  • Monthly summary
  • Leaves card
  • Leaves balance
  • Man power
  • Over time
  • Audit trail and many more 


Visi – Track is a GUI-based software that facilitates the admin staff at the security gate to capture the visitors’ details with photographs, fingerprints, mobile numbers, etc. It can also send notifications based on the captured details to the employee sitting inside the premise(optional). The system will print the visitor pass with the name of the visitor, department, and visited along with the validity period. The visitor can display the pass by wearing it on his person.

Our Features
  • Integrated with a webcam for capturing visitors’ photographs.
  • Maintain and issue a short-term pass to contract employees.
  • Maintains visitors’ details including photograph fingerprints mobile number, ID proof, etc.
  • Retrieving visitor details by mobile number.
  • Barcode integration for tracking visitor out entry and attendance of contract employees.
  • ‘Gate-pass` designer, create your customized gate pass.
  • SMS-based intimation and approval for employees of visitor arrival.
  • Verify visitors’ mobile numbers by sending unique verification code-based SMS.
  • Colour codes to indicate a permitted area of entry.
  • Capture visitors’ vehicle lumber and manage virtual parking
  • Returnable material details.
  • Black listing of visitors.
  • Generates POP-UP of overstaying visitors.
  • KIOSK mode for visitor self-check IN/ check OUT.
Employee Self Service Module (Optional)
  • Raise visitor requisition online.
  • Facility to tag VIP visitors.
  • Book the meeting room online.
  • Inter-department visitor transfer.
  • Key in visitors’ department OUT time
  • Visitor arrival POP UP displaying details with photographs.
  • Location wise
  • Department wise
  • Date wise
  • Employee wise
  • Visitor wise
  • Visitor company wise
  • Location wise
  • Department wise
  • Date wise
  • Employee wise
  • Visitor wise
  • Visitor company wise

Canteen Management System

Our Features
  • Time configurable slot option in the software where the breakfast/lunch/dinner can be defined.
  • When an employee punches on the reader as per the time slot a coupon will get generated from the printer.
  • The system checks if an employee has already taken lunch/dinner, the system won’t allow him/her to take it again.
  • With the help of a browser-based module, employees can request guest meal coupons for their BF/LUNCH/DINNER.
  • With the help of a browser-based module, admin users can request guest meal coupons for employees behalf that do not have access to the module.
  • Admin users can enter daily tea entries.
  • Employees can be restricted to avail the number of monthly NON-VEG food, overall meal numbers, and maximum number of visitors one can take for a meal.
  • Using function keys employees can opt for different menu items like VEG/NON-VEG
  • System can configure for days of VEG/NON-VEG meal.
  • MIS reports can be generated
  • Daily food consumption (employee and visitor) report can be emailed to designated employees.

Labour Track Software

Contract labour today is employed across several sectors and industries right from government departments to software industries. The challenges of modern businesses have shaken the tradition of direct employment relationship between the employee and the employer by paving the way for alternative staffing strategies. While some organizations go for outsourcing their work, others look for contract labour as a solution to staffing problems. An organization, which utilizes the manpower, is called Principal Employer and the organization, which appoints people in its role and deploys them to the workplace of its clients, is called labour contractor. The principal employer pays to the contractor the total amount of salary, allowances and benefits payable to the contract workers on a monthly basis and the contractor in turn disburses the salary to contract workers.

It becomes extremely difficult to manually keep track of the attendance of these contract labour, several loopholes emerge in the manual system like proxy attendance, manipulated man-hours, inadequate manpower, un-skilled labour supply.

Labour-Track, a contract labour management system (CLMS) is designed keeping in mind all these loopholes and making the principal employer’s life easy and tense free. Labour-Track is the ultimate solution for Contractual Employees/Labour. Labour-Track provides you with the Ideal solution for IT Parks / Govt. Organizations/ Corporate/ Banks/ Factories; where labour/employees are hired on contract for a particular period, with the help of Biometric, RFID cards. Labour-Track allows recording accurately in & out timings via a biometric system. This will enhance the generation and maintenance of attendance reports and enables you to save on time and cost.

Our Features
  • Photo capture – Use a simple Webcam for capturing the photo of the Contractor
  • Allows recording a wide range of Contractor Employee information like name, From (contractor company name), Phone, Mobile, Date of Birth, Photo, Blood group, address, ID Proof (Driving license, PAN Card, etc.)
  • Other details can also be added as we say it can be tailored as per your requirement.
  • Print/re-print the pass.
  • Reports based on Contractor
  • Reports based on Contract Employee
  • Reports based on a date range.
  • Attendance reports using biometrics
  • All the reports can be exported to XLS or PDF.